Important Information

This page contains important information.

Classroom Rules-  
1) Students are to treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in the school.
2) Behavior should not cause a problem for anyone else.

3) If students, cause a problem, they will be asked to solve it.
4) If the cannot solve it, or choose not to, I will do something.

5) What I do will depend on the situation and the person involved.

Parent/ Student Guides-  This is a link for Parent/ Student Guide for 8th Grade Math. This provides an overview of what we will learn in class. 
Parent/ Student Guide Link

Remind 101- I will utilizing a text messaging system to notify parents and students of important information. To subscribe to this service, please follow instructions for the appropriate class below.
Math-Text @donmath  To (830) 433-8737
Social Studies-Text @donss  To (830) 433-8737 
Homeroom-Text @donhr  To (830) 433-8737

Standard text messaging rates apply. Cell phone numbers are confidential. I do not have access to them.

YouTube Channel- If there are any issues accessing Sophia, there is a YouTube channel for the video lessons. The website is located at Mr. Donaldson's YouTube Channel 

Students Devices- Students are allowed to bring personal, electronic devices to class. These are to be used for educational purposes only! Any students caught using their devices for other reasons will results in device being taken and a discipline action occurring. 

Augmented Reality/ QR Codes- I plan to use some of the latest technological tools to present ideas, information, and problems in a new and unique way. Students will need certain apps to utilize these tools. Some recommendations can be found under the Great Websites/ Apps tab at the top of this page. If students do not have the capability for these apps, alternative arrangements will be provided. The apps are called Aurasma and QR Code Reader.

Questions- If at any time parents or students have questions please contact Mr. Donaldson at Mr. Donaldson's Email or on Twitter @mr_donaldson

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