Flipped Classroom

                               The Flipped Classroom
This is going to be a fun and exciting year for my 8th grade math students. I hope to create a learning environment that promotes engagement and provides the atmosphere where a student can learn in a manner best suited for their individual needs.

My math class will follow the flipped classroom format. Basically, students will have math video lessons to watch at home for HW. (If students do not have internet access at home, they will need to come in before school the next morning to watch.)

During class, students will work on a few problems similar to the ones in the video. Based on their performance, they will work on different activities. Activities may range from rewatching the lesson or small group instruction, to basic math problems, to challenging activities.  Each child has the opportunity to work at the level that is best and this can change from day to day. 

Homework- Homework is different than from a traditional math class.  Students will watch math videos at home. I will teach them in the same manner as I would in a traditional class. My videos will typically be between 8 - 15 minutes in length. Students should plan on spending between 20 - 30 minutes a night on math. This will give them time to watch the lesson (pausing and rewinding as needed), take notes, and complete the required questions included with each lesson. 

Videos can be accessed through my YouTube Channel or at Sophia.org. Students can also bring a flash drive to class and videos can be downloaded. If these options will not work, students can come in before school to watch the video from the previous night. If you have any concerns about acessing the videos, please contact me for further discussion. 

Forgetting to watch videos- If students forget to watch videos and answer questions, then they will not be prepared for the day's activities. Most likely they will spend  class time watching the video and answering the questions. This could lead to additional work for students to complete at home since they are unable to complete in class.

Class Time- Class time will now be used for students to work at the level that best suits their needs. Some students may need direct or small group instruction. Other students will be working on basic problems that focus on the concepts. Students who have complete understanding on the topic will be given more challenging problems and activities. They will also have the opportunity to do some peer tutoring. 

Parents' Role- Parents will play an influential role in the flipped classroom environment. With math videos available, parents can review math concepts that may have been forgotten. Here are some ways to help your child.
- Provide a quiet place for students to watch videos. Headphones can help students focus more on the lesson. If students are unable to watch at home, parents can students with time to come before school to watch the videos. 
- Help students review material that was covered in the math lesson.
- After students have watch the video and answer the questions, review their answers with them. 
- Encourage students to take their time and do their best. 

In order to best meet the needs of all students, please take the time to complete the Parent Technology Survey

Here are some links for additional information about the flipped classroom. 

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Flipped Classroom Infographic

                    Sophia Learning
This is the website where my math videos will be located. Students can access the math videos located at Sophia Learning. However, the math videos can also be accessed using the Math Video Lessons tab at the top of the website..
If there are any issues or concern, please contact Mr. Donaldson.


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